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Dust and Noise Control Shade Netting

We supply three types of windbreaking nets according to uses: windbreaking mesh for greenhouse shading, wind resistant mesh for construction safety and perforated metal noise barriers.

Windbreak net used in agricultural purpose as greenhouse shade nets:
Made of finest quality plastic raw material, the greenhouse shade nettings are widely used in hilly area where sunlight is often minimal and cultivation requires such equipment to survive.

Material:HDPE with UV Protection
Width:1m 2m 3m 4m

Sizes Available:
WV-90 - 8’ x 4’
WV-91 – 8’ x 10’
WV-92 – 8’ x 12’
WV-93 – 8’ x 16’
WV-94 – 12’ x 12’
WV-95 – 12’ x 16’

Anti Wind Plastic Netting Fabric for Greenhouse System

Plastic Netting Against Strong Wind and Bad Weather

Windbreaking Net for Highway and Construction Noise Control Uses:

Dust-controlling and Noise Control Barrier of Aluminum or Steel Perforated Mesh Sheet

Anti Wind and Acoustic Control Metal Panels in Highway and Construction Projects

Plastic Mesh for Construction Safety Netting: Preventing Debris Falling Againt Wind and Dust

Flexible Windbreak Safety Nets

Plastic Mesh Safety Fencing for Construction Projects

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